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If you speak it, it becomes reality. 

In a way, I believe in this concept. And in another way I absolutely do not believe in this concept.

I believe our thoughts and our words are vitally important because they become our mindset, focus, and eventually our habits or train of action. However, I do not believe that you say words and they just become reality without actual actions being attached.

I believe in miracles. I believe in prayer. I do not believe in prosperity preaching. I do not believe that you can become a millionaire etc, by speaking or thinking positively.

In fact, prosperity preaching on a whole other level is nothing but an insult to all of God's children who are suffering that didn't 1. Ask for it. 2. Just behave irresponsibly and are feeling a consequence. There is real suffering in the world that happens to those who love Jesus, have good attitudes, think positive thoughts and speak life into the world. So, prosperity, riches, financial success and a happy life are completely under our control if we just basically demand it of God and his Holy Spirit?


You bring your requests to God and trust that He will provide for the things you need and even as far as the desires of your heart. But if you're constantly getting closer to God, your desires will be His desires. They'll no longer be the worldly things you thought you wanted when you were still thinking as a human. You won't see dollar signs when you think of goals.

The parable of the talents is by far the greatest example in my opinion of how God works with entrusting people with riches. You can get riches by the ways of the world -- no doubt, I've seen many charlatans lie, steal and cheat people out of their money. I've seen a lot of people work themselves to death for their money. I've seen many others who were smart and invested well and then a totally different crowd that were either 1. Born into it.  or 2. Made good connections in business. But God can give you things in His timing when you are proven trustworthy. Not "a positive mindset". I don't recall a single example in the bible of God giving a person riches or success in any way by them simply going around saying out loud "I'm rich" or "I am given all expense paid vacations all the time!"

Words don't work like humidity in the atmosphere. They don't hover around waiting to transform into dollar bills, or vacations, etc. The power of Words comes from whether you choose to use them to spur you towards God or away from God. That's their power. Even if they are negative words that hurt you, they can still deliver life.

The last thing I would ever tell a person who is struggling is basically that they "asked for it". And that's exactly what you can correlate when you say that positive words and speaking life into your situation will produce results like magic.

I don't remember ever asking to suffer? I don't remember speaking it into the universe that my husband would lose his job shortly after I quit mine (which was half our income) to have our 3rd baby. Or that he'd get another job making far less, which wasn't enough for us to live on. I don't remember asking for a miscarriage, or any of my car accidents, or being harassed by neighbors and the police, or getting sick with gallstones. I consider myself a fairly positive person and I always know that God will provide even when I can't plan a way out of a mess we're in. I sometimes wonder how, but I never sit there in doubt allowing myself to either say or think that we're just going to lose it all. I never sit there and say, Nothing is ever going to get better. Yet we go years struggling not being able to find a way out of it, job searches go fruitless no matter how many times he applies, interviews, etc. It isn't from lack of trying or having a terrible attitude. We're doing everything we can to be faithful and continue on despite not seeing a way. Because I believe THAT is exactly what God wants of us.

Stop preaching prosperity crap to people who are struggling. It isn't helpful. It isn't true. It's deceptive and hateful.

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